Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Cosmetic rhinoplasty

Nose job

Cosmetic rhinoplasty involves reshaping the nose by altering the anatomy such as nasal bones and cartilages, to change the appearance. The procedure can change the shape, size and general appearance of the nose as well as the overall balance of the face. Rhinoplasty can also have other indications and many times patients may present with breathing difficulties. Septal deviation, nasal deviation and nasal incompetence are common

Cosmetic rhinoplasty can aim to achieve any of the following results:

  • make the nose smaller or larger
  • correct a hump 
  • narrow the nose
  • refine the tip of the nose
  • straighten a crooked nose or tip
  • lift or lower the nasal tip

In the past, cosmetic rhinoplasty techniques focused more on the appearance and ignored the supporting structure of the nose. As a result, there was a high rate of complications such as deformities and collapse of structures. Better understanding of the structure and function of the nose have been a game changer, and modern rhinoplasty techniques aim to preserve tissue. It  is also important to recognise the need for extra support when needed. Cartilage grafting is necessary in most cases. In conclusion, rhinoplasty should be customised to every patient taking into account their constitution and needs. More on rhinoplasty…

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Your nose and your face

Facial Proportions
Facial Analysis

Balanced or harmonious facial proportions are consistent features in an aesthetically pleasing face and the same applies to cosmetic surgery of the nose. More on facelift page…

Furthermore, the nose should be seen in the context of the whole face. That relationship with surrounding features can change the perception of the human eye. It is important to perform an aesthetic facial analysis before the nose is assessed on its own merits.

For instance, a convex facial profile with a small chin can make the nose look much bigger. On other hand, the nose will appear smaller in a wide and flat facial form.
Any changes planned to the nose should take the whole face into consideration.  Cosmetic rhinoplasty can be combined to other procedures to improve facial harmony. For instance: chin augmentation, cheek augmentation, upper lip surgery, forehead remodelling, etc.

How much does a nose job cost?

Rhinoplasty surgery has strict medicare definition. If the reason for surgery does not match the medicare code (MBS code) description, then the procedure is classified as cosmetic surgery and does not attract medicare rebates. Also, the private health insurance will not cover any medical and hospital fees.

Cosmetic rhinoplasty cost varies from $12K – 18K and depends on the complexity of the case, length of operation and length of admission. After an assessment, Dr Rodrigo Teixeira will be able to elaborate a surgical plan and provide you with a cost estimate.

When is rhinoplasty functional or reconstructive?

Nose surgery is cosmetic when none of the following 3 indications are present:

  • Airway obstruction
  • Acquired, congenital or developmental deformity
  • Post-traumatic deformity

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