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Cosmetic and functional blepharoplasty surgery performed by specialist plastic surgeon, Dr. Rodrigo Teixeira.

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

As we age, the signs of aging can become apparent in the appearance of our eyes, particularly with excess skin, drooping eyelids, and bags underneath. These changes can leave us looking tired and unhappy. Cosmetic eyelid surgery, known as blepharoplasty, can help restore the appearance of your eyes and address these concerns.

Traditionally, eyelid surgery involved the removal of excess skin and fat through incisions, which posed higher risk of visible scarring and complications. However, with the latest techniques and principles, such as canthopexy, lower eyelid tightening, fat pocket repositioning, and micro-fat grafting, cosmetic eyelid surgery has evolved.

At your consultation with Dr. Rodrigo, he will conduct a thorough evaluation of your concerns and discuss your options for upper and lower eyelid surgery. Whether you are seeking to address hooded eyelids, under-eye bags, or other cosmetic concerns, Dr. Rodrigo will tailor a treatment plan to achieve your desired results.

Surgical marking on the brow

Upper Blepharoplasty
(Upper Eyelid Surgery)

Upper blepharoplasty, also known as upper eyelid surgery, is a cosmetic procedure that focuses on improving the appearance of the upper eyelids. This procedure is ideal for individuals who have sagging or drooping upper eyelids, excess skin, or protruding fat pockets.

Dr. Rodrigo regularly performs upper eyelid blepharoplasty, as well as tarsal fixation upper blepharoplasty. It involves making a discreet incision in the natural crease of the eyelid to remove excess skin and fat. This results in a more defined eyelid contour and a refreshed appearance.

Tarsal fixation upper blepharoplasty, on the other hand, not only addresses excess skin and protruding fatty tissue but also lifts and supports the remaining upper lid skin. This technique can provide longer-lasting results and improve the stability of the upper eyelids.

Those procedures can be performed under local anaesthesia, and the surgery generally takes 1-2 hours. Most patients can return to work and normal activities within a week after the procedure.

Lower Blepharoplasty
(Lower Eyelid Surgery)

There are multiple techniques that can be employed during this surgery. For instance, transconjunctival lower eyelid blepharoplasty involves making an internal incision within the lower eyelid to tighten it and address fat pockets. Meanwhile, transcutaneous lower blepharoplasty involves making an external incision just below the lash line to eliminate excess skin and fat. Canthopexy, a lower eyelid tightening procedure, can also be performed if required.

A tailored approach is adopted for each patient, where up to four synergistic surgical techniques may be used, including fat pocket repositioning, lower eyelid tightening, and even laser skin resurfacing for more effective results.

Lower blepharoplasty can be performed under either local or general anesthesia, depending on the extent of the surgery and the patient’s preference. The entire procedure takes approximately two hours to complete.

Double Blepharoplasty (Double Eyelid Surgery)

Double eyelid surgery, also known as Asian eyelid surgery, is a procedure commonly sought after by individuals of Asian descent who are born without a natural upper eyelid crease. This procedure is performed to create a double eyelid by redefining the upper eyelid crease, providing a more defined appearance.

During double eyelid surgery, an incision is made in the upper eyelid to remove excess skin and fat. The remaining eyelid tissue is then reshaped to create a crease, resulting in a more prominent eyelid fold. This procedure is highly individualised, and the position and shape of the lid fold can be discussed and determined during the consultation process.

It is essential to choose a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon to perform double eyelid surgery. Dr Rodrigo specialises in eyelid surgery and has extensive experience in this procedure, ensuring that you are in capable hands. During your consultation, he will thoroughly assess your concerns and goals and develop a personalised treatment plan tailored to your unique needs and desires.

Risks and Side Effects of
Eyelid Surgery

While blepharoplasty is generally considered safe and effective, as with any surgery, there are potential risks involved. Some possible risks of blepharoplasty include bleeding, infection, scarring, changes in sensation, dry eyes, asymmetry, and difficulty closing your eyes.
Other potential risks include sensitivity to sunlight or other bright light, difficulty closing your eyes properly, ectropion (pulling down of the lower eyelid), temporary or even permanent changes in vision, and a very rare chance of blindness.
It’s important to follow all post-operative instructions provided by your surgeon to reduce the likelihood of complications. Additionally, it’s recommended to discuss any concerns you may have with Dr Teixeira prior to the surgery so that he can provide you with the necessary reassurance and guidance.
Overall, with the right surgeon and proper precautions, the risks associated with eyelid surgery can be greatly minimised, and you can enjoy long-lasting benefits.
Dr Rodrigo Teixeira

What is the best age for Blepharoplasty?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of the best age for blepharoplasty. The timing of the procedure depends on various factors, including individual needs and goals. Typically, blepharoplasty is performed from the forties and onwards to address signs of aging, such as sagging eyelids and excess skin. However, it can also be done earlier for individuals with inherited concerns.

During a consultation, factors like overall health, skin elasticity, and individual goals will be taken into account to determine the most appropriate timing for the procedure. It is crucial to have realistic expectations and understand that blepharoplasty can enhance your appearance but may not solve other underlying issues. Trust in Dr. Rodrigo’s expertise and let him guide you through the process to ensure a successful outcome.

Recovery Process after Blepharoplasty
(Eyelid Surgery)

Understanding the recovery process and what to expect after your blepharoplasty surgery is crucial for a successful outcome. Dr Rodrigo will provide you with detailed post-operative instructions to guide you through the recovery period, ensuring your comfort and safety.

After the surgery, it is normal to experience some swelling, bruising, and mild discomfort around the eyes. Applying cold compresses and taking the prescribed pain medications as directed by Dr Rodrigo can help alleviate these symptoms.

To protect your eyes during the recovery period, it is important to avoid activities that could strain or damage them. Wearing sunglasses when outside can also protect your eyes from sunlight and wind.

Most patients can return to their normal activities within one to two weeks after the surgery. However, it is crucial to attend all follow-up appointments with Dr Rodrigo to ensure that your recovery is progressing as expected.

Reputable Surgeons for
Eyelid Surgery

When considering blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), it is vital to find the right surgeon who can ensure the best possible outcome. Here are some tips for locating a qualified and experienced surgeon:
Research credentials: Seek out a surgeon who is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS) and possesses extensive experience in facial plastic surgery.
Schedule a consultation: Once potential surgeons have been identified, arrange a consultation to meet with them in person. This provides an opportunity to discuss your goals and concerns and gain insight into the surgeon’s approach to blepharoplasty.
Ask questions: Do not hesitate to ask questions about the surgeon’s experience and approach to facial surgery. Your surgeon should be capable of answering your queries to assist you in making an informed decision about your surgery.
Look for individualised care: A skilled surgeon will take the time to comprehend your distinct needs and goals and will collaborate with you to develop a tailored treatment plan.
By following these tips and working alongside a highly skilled and experienced specialist facial surgeon such as Dr Rodrigo Teixeira, you can achieve optimal results while ensuring a safe experience.

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